couple with bills

Areas we have helped clients

Addressing Water debts and applying for help with problems meeting ongoing bills/ Dealing with electricity and gas debts and problems meeting ongoing bills

We can contact and negotiate with debt management companies and debt collectors for-
Credit card debt Payday loan debt Catalogue and mail order debt
Hire purchase debt Home collection loans and problems paying agreed weekly payments Mortgage arrears

Provide initial help with Bankruptcy and DRO forms
Help with budgeting and trying to maximise income

We can help deal with Court Fines and summonses e.g. helping make sense of defence forms and make fines manageable

Assistance with addressing rent arrears and setting up affordable repayments Housing benefit overpayments, appeals and
requests for decision reconsideration DHP applications Council tax arrears and problems paying HMRC debt and overpayments

We can try to source charitable help for the purchase of essential items e.g. washing machines/fridges/childrens school shoes

We have obtained grants for transport and to supplement low income
Help with drafting important letters and general form filling
We try to provide a listening ear and practical solution to issues causing worry and/or hardship.
If a second opinion is required we may be of help

We DO NOT offer advice on the suitability of
financial products like pensions, investments, and life assurances

We don't promise miracles, but please be assured that we will try our best to help.